We provide implementation instructions and resources for groups charged with instituting, tracking, and promoting Interstate Passport® on campus.

Institution Liaisions

The institution Liaison (IL) leads their institution’s Interstate Passport implementation team by promoting an understanding of the obligations for participating in the Interstate Passport Network. This entails coordinating internal communication and operations in support of Interstate Passport for institutional faculty and staff with respect to established policies and procedures for Passport membership.

Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors hold the key to communicating information about Interstate Passport consistently and accurately. As a student’s initial contact in their academic career, it is critical for academic advisors to know how Interstate Passport works and how earning a Passport benefits students.

Faculty Members

Faculty members from Network member institutions are a driving force behind developing Interstate Passport by providing content expertise based on their respective discipline’s knowledge and skill areas. Faculty are pivotal to the quality control embedded in Passport Learning Outcomes so must be well equipped to identify the learning experiences that make up their institution’s Passport Block.

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communications staff are essential to promoting and communicating accurate information about the Interstate Passport to the campus community, prospective students, and parents. They are charged with advancing knowledge about Interstate Passport to students, prospective students, and incoming transfers through the institution’s website and catalogs.

Registrars and Institutional Researchers

Registrars and Institutional Researchers are significant players in designing and implementing Interstate Passport’s student related data collection and tracking process and are charged with developing and enabling reporting requirements through utilizing the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) as the central data repository for the program.

Interstate Passport Handbook

Download the entire handbook or just the pieces that pertain to you.