Colleagues Advisory Group

The Colleagues for Interstate Passport’s Future, established in August 2020, is an advisory group that evolved out of the task force which issued the Call to Action to Fix Transfer in July 2020. With many students expected to transfer or stop or drop out as a result of the coronavirus’ impact on higher education and the economy, the Colleagues is working to streamline the transfer process.

Review Board

The Passport Review Board is the policy-making body of the Interstate Passport program.

The Board consists of one member from each state with participating institutions as well as at-large members who are transfer, learning outcomes, and assessment experts. The Passport Review Board (PRB) meets annually to discuss the program’s overall performance and electronically as necessary to discuss specific issues that arise. The PRB can require a Network member institution to make changes in its activities related to Interstate Passport or, if needed, drop its membership if participating students are not being well served.

The individual state representatives known as Passport State Facilitators serve unlimited terms. Other individuals, selected to serve at-large for a two-year term, have special expertise relevant to Interstate Passport issues and operations, and may be reappointed.


Several WICHE staff support Interstate Passport along with some specialized consultants. The staff manages the program on behalf of the Passport Review Board and the members of the Interstate Passport Network, communicating with and overseeing all activities of the many committees, teams, consultants and others.