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Streamlined Seamless Nationwide General Education Transfer

A Call to Our Higher Education Colleagues to Make Transfer Seamless for Students

If ever there were a time to streamline transfer, this is it. In the next year and beyond, thousands of students are expected to transfer or to stop, or drop out, as a result of the impact of COVID-19 on higher education and the economy. Many will be crossing state lines. They need our help and they need it now.

A Revolution in College Transfer

Interstate Passport® is the only nationwide network of institutionally accredited, nonprofit, public and private two- and four-year institutions dedicated to the block transfer of lower-division general education attainment based on multi-state faculty-developed learning outcomes and proficiency criteria instead of on specific courses and credits. Students of member institutions experience a seamless, efficient and economical transfer process. To join the Interstate Passport Network, an institution or system should declare its intent to become a Passport-granting institution and define and submit a Passport Block.

Three Steps to Transfer Success


Interstate Passport addresses the frustrations many students experience when transferring between institutions by articulating to an agreed-upon set of general education learning outcomes that students must achieve. Member institutions map these outcomes to their lower-division courses and learning experiences.


Accredited public and private not-for-profit institutions may apply to become members of the Interstate Passport Network. To be approved as a member, an institution’s faculty must agree that its learning outcomes are congruent with Interstate Passport’s learning outcomes and are acceptable as a basis of block transfer of lower-division general education.

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We track Passport students’ academic performance to inform member institutions of the academic quality of transfer students’ general education preparation. As a result, member institutions can better serve a nationwide pool of well-prepared transfer students leading to increased rates of retention and completion.

Since 2016, our member institutions have awarded more than 49,069 Passports.

Member institutions can better serve a nationwide pool of well-prepared transfer students leading to increased rates of retention and completion.

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What’s Happening in Transfer?

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