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No Longer Awarding D’s Increases Transfer Success Rates

The Interstate Passport program requires students to earn a C or equivalent in all Passport Block courses in order to be awarded a Passport. It turns out that’s a good idea not just for students academically, but also for institution transfer rates. A recent article in Inside Higher Ed reports how faculty and advisors at Stanly Community College in Albermarle, North Carolina recognized that students who received grades lower than C were not succeeding in higher education. In order to transfer to state universities—to make progress on academic pathways—students need to earn at least a C on required courses. After dropping the D college-wide in 2012, the college’s transfer success rate increased by 15 percent. According to the math department program head, “By eliminating the D’s we showed them if they set the bar high for themselves, they can achieve that.”

Read the full article at Inside Higher Ed.

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