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Q&A: Passport Quality Assurance

How are Interstate Passport institutions held accountable for the grade C minimum requirement of the Passport?

One of the measures that assures the quality of the Passport awarded to students is a minimum grade requirement for Passport Block courses. In order to be awarded a Passport, a student must earn at least a C in every course in the Passport Block on the transcript. A grade lower than C would not assure proficiency on all of the Passport Learning Outcomes the institution had associated with that course. Member institutions agree to this requirement, and registrar and institutional research staff ensure that students earning a Passport meet this requirement.

The Interstate Passport tracking mechanism – Academic Progress Tracking – will verify if student is prepared to succeed at another institution. If an institution determines that a student has achieved all the learning outcomes in a course or block of courses, it’s the faculty’s decision to accept that learning and apply the appropriate credits. The agreement between institutions and the Network is to make sure that students earning Passports have achieved the competence they need to move forward.

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