Interstate Passport® Review Board

The Passport Review Board is the policy-making body of the Interstate Passport program.

The Board consists of one member from each participating state as well as transfer, learning outcomes and assessment experts. The Passport Review Board (PRB) meets in person once annually and electronically as necessary to review results as well as to discuss any issues brought forward by a state or institution. The PRB will be able to require a Network member institution to make changes, if needed, or to give up its Passport status if its students are not being well served.

Members include the Passport State Facilitators, who represent their constituents on the Board and serve unlimited terms. Other individuals, selected to serve at-large for a two-year term, have special expertise relevant to Interstate Passport issues and operations.

Systematic Checks and Balances via Board, Facilitators, Staff

On a quarterly, annual and ongoing basis, the Board:

  • Develops and approves the bylaws for the Interstate Passport Network
  • Approves business and sustainability plans for the Passport
  • Establishes policies and procedures for participation in the Passport as outlined in the bylaws
  • Approves new institutions and states for participation
  • Reviews academic progress data from participating institutions
  • Recommends appropriate actions
  • Publishes an annual report on the status of the Interstate Passport program
  • Recommends new directions for research and operations

Passport State Facilitators are the point of contact for all faculty and stakeholders in each Interstate Passport state. They communicate with faculty about the Passport Learning Outcomes and Proficiency Criteria and oversee requests for feedback from institutions and other stakeholders. They provide valuable analysis and opinion and work closely with staff to ensure smooth implementation of the program.

The project staff has overall responsibility for the program. They communicate with and oversee all other committees, teams, consultants and others involved with Interstate Passport.

Download the Interstate Passport Network Organizational Chart

Download Interstate Passport Bylaws

Passport State Facilitators


  • Dan Kline
    Dan Kline Professor of English, Director of General Education, University of Alaska Anchorage


  • Ann Clemmer Senior Associate Director, Academic Affairs, Arkansas Department of Higher Education




North Dakota

  • Karyn Plumm Faculty Fellow, Office of the Provost & VPAA/Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, University of North Dakota


  • Paul Disney Adjunct Professor of Business Management and Leadership, Western Oregon University

South Dakota

  • Joelle Lien System Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, South Dakota Board of Regents


  • Greg Benson Assistant Commissioner for Academic Affairs Utah System of Higher Education


Non-voting Affiliate Members


  • Joe Thiel
    Joe Thiel Director of Academic Policy and Research, Montana University System

New Mexico

  • Ryan Goss Associate Professor, New Mexico State University


  • Paula Compton Associate Vice Chancellor/Executive Director of Ohio Articulation and Transfer Network(OATN), Ohio Department of Education


  • Paul Smith Associate for Student Mobility Policy and Research, State Council of Higher Education for Virginia

At-Large Members

  • Michel Hillman
    Michel Hillman State Policy/Transfer Expert
  • Peter Quigley Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs