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Student transfer facts

What factors contribute to two- to four-year transfer student success in obtaining a bachelors degree within six years of initial enrollment at the community college? The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center has released an update of its Tracking Transfer (Signature Report 13) with information from the 2011 cohort. The report provides insight into some of the factors related to transfer student success in completing a bachelor’s degree. As seen in Table 6 from the report below, college type, selectivity, urbanicity and socio-economic status all have a role in student success.

Table of Transfer-in Bachelor's Completion Rate by Institutional Characteristics of Destination Four-Year Institutions (N=231,863).

In addition to the completion percentages, the updated report provides the number of transfer student bachelor degree completions. Significantly, transfers from the 2011 cohort resulted in 84,143 bachelor degree completions: 69,124 of these completions were from public institutions, 68,104 were from moderately or very selective institutions, 48,242 were from urban institutions, and 63,801 were from the top three socio-economic status quintiles. Clearly, transfer student degree completion success is related to many complex factors.