Interstate Passport Briefing

The first year of Interstate Passport implementation from the Institutional Liaison’s perspective

Sherry Simkins is one of the key personnel who has been involved in NIC’s Passport success. Simkins serves as both the Institutional Liaison for North Idaho College and the Idaho Passport State Facilitator. In her role as Institutional Liaison she ensures that the institutional team is aware of Interstate Passport and its benefits to students. As the Passport State Facilitator, Simkins is a resource to other potential member institutions within the state and is able to speak about the program at the state level.

Sherry Simkins, division chair for Communication and Fine Arts at North Idaho College

“Today’s community college student faces many barriers. At North Idaho College, we recognized that transfer does not have to be one of them. While we had a statewide general education program, many of our students were transferring outside of Idaho. By joining the Interstate Passport our students now have every opportunity to successfully transfer their credits and meet their educational goals.”

Simkins has served as division chair for Communication and Fine Arts at North Idaho College since 2012. As chair, she oversees programs in Communication, Journalism, Fine Arts, Music, and Theatre. She has been an instructor of Communication since 2005. She also serves as a faculty discipline representative for the Idaho Statewide General Education. Simkins received her B.S. and M.A. in Communication at Southern Utah University. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Educational Leadership at Idaho State University.