Interstate Passport Briefing Transfer News

Check out articles, blogs and reports on student transfer

A recent article, Universities that are recruiting older students often leave them floundering, published in the Hechinger Report examines what institutions are doing to serve non-traditional student who are older, have children, and are transfer students. Read more to find out what is working and what lessons have been learned.

An Inside Higher Ed blog, Strategies for Improving Student Success, discusses eight common sense strategies for improving student success including better ways to serve transfer students. 

The Community College Research Center released a report, American Honors: The Life and Death of a Public-Private Partnership, which examines the role of the public-private partnership and its impact on transfer students. 

A recently released report, Recommendations for Providing Community Colleges with the Resources, from The Century Foundation explores how funding and resource levels at 2-year institutions affects student success and those that transfer.