Interstate Passport Briefing Transfer News

Check out the news about student transfer

Inside Higher Ed opinion piece, Community college four-year degrees are smart policy, not mission creep, explores how community colleges offering bachelor’s degrees may better serve transfer students and may address the “racial transfer gap.”

An article, Clearing Transfer Pipelines, in the Community College Journal of the American Association of Community Colleges features a variety of partnerships and consortia working to improve student transfer and completion rates.

An Education Dive article, Four ways community colleges are tackling student success with

fewer resources, examines what community colleges are doing to improve student success including how they are working to help students transfer to a four-year institution.

A recent article, ‘A Scramble to Keep Our Promises’: How Colleges Make Teach-Outs Work After Sudden Campus Closures, published in the Chronicle of Higher Education examines how one institution is absorbing transfer students due to a nearby campus closure. Read more to find out what worked and what lessons have been learned.