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The latest on student transfer

Last week, The Chronicle of Higher Education featured an article, Here’s What Trump’s Executive Order on Free Speech Says, which discusses the key items of the executive order. Interestingly, the order also requires an annual report by the U.S. Secretary of Education on successful State and institutional efforts on student transfer rates and degree completion of transfer students.

An Education Dive article, Colleges list priorities for Higher Education Act Reauthorization, examines recommendations to Congress from The Higher Education Committee of 50 Members on the Higher Education Act reauthorization which includes several recommendations regarding student transfer.

A recent report, Working as a Team for Student Success, released by the Chronicle of Higher Education discusses what institutions are doing to improve student success. One example expands on how collaborations across a college campus better serve undergraduate students including the development of faculty and staff teams that focus on transfer students.

An article, The Correlates of Credit Loss: How Demographics, PreTransfer Academics, and Institutions Relate to the Loss of Credits for Vertical Transfer Students, recently published in Research in Higher Education explores how students’ pre-transfer academic characteristics, demographic characteristics, and the institutions they transferred to and from influenced the magnitude of credit loss they experienced.