Interstate Passport Briefing

Meet the California Passport State Facilitator

Tom Krabacher is the chair and a faculty member of the Department of Geography at the California State University (CSU), Sacramento. For over 25 years he has instructed students in a variety of geography courses on topics covering climate, population, and demographics. For the past decade, Krabacher has also served on the statewide Academic Senate of the CSU, with responsibility for monitoring higher education legislation at the state level.

Tom Krabacher, Passport State Facilitator

Krabacher initially became involved with Interstate Passport during the development phase of the Passport Learning Outcomes as the chair of the Natural Sciences Interstate Faculty Team. He is also the chair of the Interstate Faculty Team Chairs Committee which is convened annually to discuss the nine knowledge and skill areas and provide recommendations to the Passport Review Board. As Passport State Facilitator for the state of California, Krabacher works to raise awareness about the Interstate Passport through the state and has facilitated institutions becoming members of the Network.

As chair of Natural Sciences team, it was apparent “from the very beginning, the framework for Interstate Passport would be based on faculty-developed learning outcomes and proficiency criteria. This approach ensured that student competency in the subject matter would be a priority.  As a Passport State Facilitator, I find it very rewarding that I can speak directly to the importance of faculty involvement with Interstate Passport and the benefit for students when communicating with potential member institutions about joining the Interstate Passport Network.”

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