Senior Advisor, Interstate Passport

Patricia (Pat) Shea retired as the director of academic leadership initiatives for the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) in June 2019. In that role, she oversaw two membership organizations of chief academic leaders in the 16-state region–the Western Academic Leadership Forum and the Western Alliance of Community College Academic Leaders—and their related projects.  Shea also managed the Interstate Passport®, a program designed to facilitate nationwide block transfer of lower-division general education based on learning outcomes for institutions participating in the Interstate Passport Network. Prior to holding this position, Shea was assistant director of WCET (also based at WICHE), project manager for the National School Boards Association, and executive director of the Alexandria Bar Association in VA.  She holds a master’s degree in educational administration and supervision from George Mason University and a bachelor’s degree from West Virginia University in art and English education.

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