Interstate Passport is a new way for students to transfer courses from one institution to another. By earning a Passport, your lower-division general education courses will transfer as a block, rather than individually, to other Network member institutions where they will meet all or nearly all of the receiving school’s lower-division general education requirements.

NOTE: Receiving institutions may require students transferring in with a Passport to complete additional lower-division courses in the following circumstances. Some institutions may require certain prerequisites for entry into a specific program of study. Faith-based institutions may require the religion-related courses expected of other students. A few state legislatures require a specific course in state history or civics for graduation.

How Interstate Passport Benefits You

Research shows that only 58 percent of community college transfer students are able to transfer most of their credits with them to their receiving institution. Fourteen percent of students lose more than 90 percent of their credits and the remaining 28 percent lose between 10 percent and 89 percent of their credits. That costs you more time and more money. Interstate Passport solves that problem. Our members have agreed to a set of learning outcomes that replaces the existing course-matching system of transfer. So, when you attend a college that is a member of the Interstate Passport Network and you transfer to another college in the Network to which you are admitted, you bypass the frustration, time, and cost of the old-fashioned transfer process.

Earn a Passport

Earning your Passport is straightforward: courses that make up an institution’s Passport Block are the same courses in the institution’s lower-division general education curriculum, and most are required. Check to see that your college and the college you want to transfer to are members of the Interstate Passport Network. Then contact the academic advising office at your current institution and they’ll help you get started!