Pillar Background

Revolutionizing College Transfer

Interstate Passport® is the only program with a nationwide network of regionally accredited, nonprofit, public and private two- and four-year institutions dedicated to the block transfer of lower-division general education attainment based on multi-state faculty-developed learning outcomes and proficiency criteria instead of on specific courses and credits.

Pillar Background

Foundational skills include the learning outcomes required to satisfy lower-division general education requirements in oral communication, written communication, and quantitative literacy.

Knowledge of Concepts outlines the learning outcomes necessary in the areas of natural sciences, human cultures, human society and the individual, and creative expression. Additional academic work in these or other skill areas may be needed to fulfill upper-division general education and/or major and minor pre-requisite requirements.

Crosscutting skills include the learning outcomes for critical thinking and teamwork and value systems - skills that cut across disciplines and that are integral to a well-rounded thinker.