Interstate Passport Briefing

Delivering the Interstate Passport message on a college campus

Miya Walker is the director of college relations, public affairs and governmental relations at Cerritos College in California and oversees the district’s external relations with local communities and governmental agencies in addition to the campus media, advertising, marketing and web administration. Walker also is the Interstate Passport campus marketing representative for Cerritos and facilitates the marketing and communication efforts of Interstate Passport at the campus. The role of the campus marketing representative is to help raise awareness about Interstate Passport and the benefits of earning a Passport to students, faculty and staff. Walker currently serves on the Interstate Passport Campus Marketing Advisory Committee and recently developed an Interstate Passport marketing campaign that targets students “where they are” and how they consume information. The campaign includes a video, social media posts, on campus collateral, and poster dioramas at public transit stops along the Los Angeles Metro Green Line frequented by Cerritos College students.

“With the majority of our students being first generation, it is important for us to utilize the right mix of marketing assets to spread the message,” says Walker. “We’ve tried to keep our marketing efforts relatively digestible and targeted so that our students don’t have to sift through the message to understand it. We’ve targeted spaces where our students gather like the use of public transit areas and social media to make students who are normally unfamiliar with higher education and the traditional college experience aware of the Interstate Passport program right where they are.”

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