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The Role of Marketing/Communications Staff

The role of marketing/communications staff is key to communicating information about Interstate Passport® consistently and accurately. It’s critical to know how Interstate Passport works and how it benefits students – both native students who may or may not transfer, and incoming transfer students. And it’s important to communicate accurate and consistent information about Interstate Passport to students, prospective students, incoming transfers, and in all of the campus materials and catalogs.

Marketing/communications representatives at all Network member institutions should be familiar with the program to better promote and communicate information about the Interstate Passport to the campus community, prospective students, and parents. In addition, marketing/communications staff are responsible for posting information about the Interstate Passport on the institution’s website and in the course catalog. 

Useful Resources for Marketing/Communications Representatives

Marketing/communication representatives at all Interstate Passport institutions are encouraged to meet with their Institutional Liaison, campus colleagues, and counterparts throughout your state to ensure broad dissemination of information about the Interstate Passport program. The Campus Marketing Tool kit and additional resources listed above have been developed for use by all Interstate Passport Network members. Each document can be tailored to your institution to use with students and colleagues, and to disseminate throughout campus. We welcome your feedback – please send questions or comments to Julie Esterline, project coordinator for Interstate Passport at jesterline@wiche.edu

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