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Meet Utah State University’s program coordinator for its Veterans Resource Office

Tony Flores, Utah State University Veterans Resource Office Program Coordinator

Tony Flores is the program coordinator of Utah State University Veterans Resource Office and a member of Interstate Passport’s Military and Veterans Affairs Committee which focuses on the benefits of Interstate Passport for transfer students, especially active military personnel, veterans, and their families--a highly mobile population that often must transfer.  In his position, Flores is all too familiar with the story of a veteran student who has had to repeat courses and/or lost credits while transferring, ultimately costing the student more time and money.  “Earning a Passpo

Interstate Passport hosts successful workshop for military and veteran affairs advisors

Military and Veteran Affairs Advisors workshop attendees

Campus representatives, who play a vital role in serving active military and veteran students at member and prospective member institutions in the Interstate Passport Network, convened July 17-18 at WICHE in Boulder, CO, to discover how earning a Passport could help students from these mobile populations.

Universities want more high-achieving community college students to transfer

Why aren’t well qualified community college students transferring?  Inside Higher Ed explores the variables affecting high achieving students at two-year institutions who are not transferring and how four-year institutions are adapting to the changing landscape of what defines a traditional student.