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New Approaches to General Education and the Interstate Passport

Both of the recent Inside Higher Ed articles summarized above describe general education innovations that are not likely to fit neatly into course-and-credit based equivalency systems for students who transfer either to or from the institutions. For colleges and universities more dependent on either sending or receiving transfer students than those highlighted in the article, the need to stay in step with partner institutions' general education course and credit patterns can inhibit innovation.  


New Attention Being Paid to General Education

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Two recent articles from Inside Education – very worthwhile reading – focus on general education and the efforts underway by several institutions to improve the curriculum to make it meaningful and rigorous. Too often students don’t understand the purpose of general education requirements and what they’re supposed to be learning.

The Future of Undergraduate Education

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A new report from the Commission on the Future of Undergraduate Education examines the issues of most concern to students and higher education institutions. Two years in the making, The Future of Undergraduate Education, The Future of America offers actionable recommendations for helping colleges of every type deal more effectively and efficiently with quality, affordability and completion.