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Meet the passport state facilitator for California

Tom Krabacher, Passport State Facilitator

Tom Krabacher is the chair and a faculty member of the Department of Geography at the California State University (CSU), Sacramento. For over 25 years he has instructed students in a variety of geography courses on topics covering climate, population, and demographics. For the past decade, Krabacher has also served on the statewide Academic Senate of the CSU, with responsibility for monitoring higher education legislation at the state level.


Joining Interstate Passport as a state or one institution at a time?

by Jane Sherman, passport state coordinator

Of the 10 states with Interstate Passport Network member institutions, two have included all public colleges and universities as Network members from the beginning, and one is working toward that status now. How and why did those two states each decide to join en bloc? Why is the third contemplating that step now? And how is that different from individual institutions’ motivation to join the Network?