Over 12,500 students earn Passports in AY2018-19

Interstate Passport Briefing
This is one of 8 articles in the November 2019 newsletter.

During 2018-19, the third academic year of Interstate Passport operation, 12,786 students earned Passports from member institutions. A total of 21 colleges and universities submitted Passport Completion files to the National Student Clearinghouse. Throughout the three years of operation, 38,886 students have earned a Passport.

Institutions participating in the Interstate Passport Network award Passports to students who achieve the Passport Learning Outcomes through lower-division general education courses and learning experiences they offer. Earning a Passport signifies that a student has met the institution’s general education requirements, and it is recorded on the student’s transcript. When transfer students with Passports are admitted to other Network member institutions, their lower-division general education coursework transfers as a completed block. This simplifies the transfer process and eliminates the unnecessary repetition of learning already achieved, saving students time and money.

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