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This is one of 5 articles in the March 2019 newsletter.

Inside Higher Ed featured an article, Georgia Perimeter improves graduation and transfer rates after merging with Georgia State, this past month that addressed how institutions are partnering to increase graduation and transfer rates.

Learning communities can improve student transfer rates.   An article, How Learning Communities Can Keep Higher Ed’s Most At-Risk Students on Track, The Chronicle of Higher Education, discusses the role of learning communities with high-risks students including improving transfer rates at insitutions.

The Community College Research Initiatives (CCRI) group focuses on the partnerships between community colleges and universities in supporting transfer student success and its critical importance in its latest report, Identifying Effective and Equitable Institutions for Transfer Students: Exploring the Contribution of the Pair in Multilevel Models.

A new study, The Benefits of Borrowing, from Education Next finds that community college students who take out student loans get better grades, earn more credits, and are more likely to transfer to four-year colleges than students who do not take out student loans.

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