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Learning Outcomes

Development of the Passport Learning Outcomes involved faculty from two-year and four-year institutions in multiple states through both interstate and intrastate faculty negotiation meetings.

Passport State Facilitators organized the meetings and engaged with and directed faculty representatives with expertise and experience in selected knowledge and skill areas. Each of the seven states involved in development (California, Hawaii, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming) sent two representatives, one from a two-year school and one from a four-year institution, to serve on each of the nine interstate faculty teams. All team members worked with many other faculty at their institutions and others in their states to gather input and refine the PLOs.

After first reviewing each state’s learning outcomes in a specific content or skill area, faculty teams produced an agreed-upon set of learning outcomes – Passport Learning Outcomes – through intensive, in-depth, face-to-face discussions about learning outcomes, course assignments, activities, language, and communications.

This “crosswalk” of all state sets enabled faculty to recognize commonalities among the states and helped maintain the essential elements for inclusion in the Passport Learning Outcomes in all nine of the lower-division general education areas.

Faculty from the participating institutions acknowledged that their institutions’ lower-division general education learning outcomes in these areas were equivalent to the Passport Learning Outcomes. Team members shared their work with stakeholders in their states over several rounds of review and refinement.

Knowledge and Skill Areas

Interstate Passport’s learning outcomes encompass nine knowledge and skill areas that map to the LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes developed by the Association of American Colleges and Universities and that correspond to findings resulting from WICHE’s research on general education in its region. Like other learning outcomes initiatives, Interstate Passport® used a tuning-like process to reach consensus among faculty from institutions in multiple states on outcomes and proficiency.

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