Upcoming Webinars on Student Information Systems

The Advisory Committee for Registrars and Institutional Researchers will be presenting a series of webinars for their colleagues in all member states on preparing and submitting Passport data files in three different student information systems. Interstate Passport Network member institutions primarily use three different systems: Banner, Colleague and PeopleSoft. A webinar will be presented on the process and steps for compiling and submitting data to the National Student Clearinghouse for each of the three systems. Registrars, institutional researchers and technical staff at the member institutions that have developed the processes will present their solutions to assist other schools with these tasks.


The first webinar, on the Banner SIS, will be January 30, 2018. Dates and times for the two others will be announced. We encourage registrars and IR staff to attend the webinars, which will be recorded and available on YouTube following the presentations.