Time for Passport Awards and Data Submission

With the end of the fall 2017 term approaching, Interstate Passport Network institutions will be preparing to award Passports and to report that information to the National Student Clearinghouse. In addition to the Passport Completion Data file on Passports awarded, registrars and institutional researchers are reminded to submit academic progress tracking information for students who had completed a term or more after earning the Passport as well as for students who transferred in with or without a Passport.


Also, institutions are encouraged to submit data for the 2016-17 academic year if they have not yet done so. Information for all Interstate Passport data files and submission is available from the NSC Passport page for the instruction and submission manual. If you have questions or need assistance on data submission, please contact Cathy Walker at cwalker@wiche.edu or Roland Squire at rsquire@wiche.edu.


The number of Passports awarded by institution, state, and institution level will be reported in the upcoming Annual Report, available in February 2018. The report will also offer some analysis of the data as well as a summary of the year's activities and accomplishments.